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09.05.09 8 years ago 6 Comments

Annie J., Bringing Out The Animal In You.

Jay-z Blueprint 3 Tour Announced [RTNY]

Speed Limit Sign Displays Days In Hospital Based On Your Car Speed [Gizmodo]

Bruce Bowen Retires [Layup Drill]

Top 10 Gadgets for Social Media Addicts [Mashable]

Ex-CFL Team Prez Convicted On Child Porn Charges [SbB]

DJ Premier, Jazzy Jeff, Riz & Eclipse Honor DJ AM [Sketches Of My Soul]

Sales Don’t Lie: People Really Like Buying Shakira Songs [Idolator]

Five Short Films That Should Get Big Screen Treatment [i09]

Your Dog: A User’s Manual [GQ]

Sorry Jay-Z Auto Tune Isn’t Dead, T-Pain Has an iPhone App to Spread It to the Masses [Fast Company]

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