Jay-Z – “Criminology Freestyle” (Unreleased)

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And who knew dude who loved apple pies from McDonald’s/would soon be the boss of the Big Apple, y’all know…” – Jay-Z (2002).

Every artist sets out with the dream of being the one, yet it’s obvious only the select few of the few go on to see it come to be. If the 2011 Sean Carter paid Dr. Emmett Brown to use his vehicle to converse with his past, pre-Reasonable Doubt self, the amount of eye-opening life spoilers the younger version would receive could possibly send him until cardiac arrest, thus eliminating a Jay-Z from the world altogether.

As we all know, Jay become that dude; the torchbearer. The commercial blueprint to just how to operate as real life rap star. However on September 1, 1995, he was just a rapper trying to get on and the only traces of stardom were twinkling in his eyes. Freshly removed from the Reasonable Doubt anniversary of 15 years, the Internets have released some unpolished yet promising Jay-Z from their endless vaults. For all you Library of a Legend types, this bud’s for y’all.

Jay-Z – “Criminology Freestyle”

Props: NR via RR

On a related note, how much would Hip-Hop have progressed if most of the starting pillars (namely the New York ones) would have worked together in their primes? Egos, bravado and beef kept the competition high but we definitely missed out on some potential classics. LL Cool J once pointed out how none of household legends ever appeared on his albums, for better or worse. At this point, collaborations amongst vets are mostly forced but had they happened in their prime, well, let’s say the possibilities were endless.

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