“I Know You Gon’ Miss Me”

08.17.09 8 years ago 18 Comments

“Cause we’ve been together like Nike Airs and crisp tees.”

This morning, I picked up my Zune, a glass of Red Bull and a half empty pack of Newports then proceeded to sit on my front steps waiting for the sun to rise.

Summer was now officially over. Children and parents alike were all clasping at their sheets praying today would never come. Soon their alarm clocks would prove them wrong with a choir of buzzing, beeping and deafening ringing. But for now, it was silent. Only the pungent stench of their imminent desolation hanging obnoxiously in the air.

For the past four or so years, the theme music to this time of year has been that of Weldon Irvine’s “Morning Sunrise” and Shawn Carter’s “Dear Summer.” Master Wel put his masterpiece out on his 1979 release The Sisters. Many years later, Justin Blaze was crate digging for samples and found this gem. He wound up creating the perfect melody to which Jay could bid adieu to the summer he so faithfully dominated for eight straight years.

Both versions of the track emulate that calm, composed, zen-like change of pace that occurs as we transition from the high-octane fun in the sun to…this. The snooze-button-slamming season of slow lethargic days when the work is always too much and the time never enough. And for the next little while people will spend all day feeling like they’ve just woken up only to go to bed at night feeling like they’d been awake for eons.


Educators, educated, students, siblings and parents, I wish you strength through this time and offer unto you a soundtrack to your struggle.


Download — Weldon Irvine – “Morning Sunrise”


Download — Jay-Z – “Dear Summer”

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