Jay Z Can Reportedly Prove That He Didn’t Renege On His Deal With Marina Abramovic

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05.20.15 28 Comments

It didn’t take long for Jay Z to clap back at renowned artist Marina Abramovic and her accusations that he reneged on their deal for her to appear in his “Picasso Baby” video back in 2013. Abramovic claimed to Spike Art Magazine that Jay was supposed to a donate to her art institute in return for a cameo in the video, and the rapper never kept his end of the bargain.

Except he reportedly did.

According to artnet News, Jay did make “a substantial donation” to Abramovic and they even have proof: a receipt. This comes courtesy of Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn, the producer of the “Picasso Baby” video.

“Thank you for your donation,” says a receipt from the Hudson, New York institute, according to New York dealer and “Picasso Baby” video producer Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn of Salon 94, who read parts of the document to artnet News over the phone Wednesday morning.

The receipt is marked with the number W984804 and acknowledges a substantial donation, Greenberg Rohatyn said.

artnet also reached out to Abramovic for comment but received no response. This comes as no surprise, as Jay doesn’t really have a history of stiffing folks out of their money. Now if this had been Birdman, it might be a whole other story.

Twenty years ago, Jay was selling crack. Now, he’s bailing protesters out of jail with his billion dollar wife and beefing with a famous 68-year-old Serbian performance artist. Life comes at you fast indeed.

Update: The Marina Abramović Institute has issued an apology for mistakenly calling Jay a flaker and settling any potential beef before it ran the whole summer hot.

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(Via artnet News)

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