Jay-Z Shares Another Set Of ‘Magna Carta’ Song Lyrics With The Release Of “Heaven” #newrules

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06.25.13 19 Comments


After hitting fans off with the “Holy Grail” song lyrics, Jay-Z keeps the #newrules trend going by releasing the words to another Magna Carta cut titled “Heaven.”

What do we get with this new reveal? A little bit of R.E.M.’s “Losing My Religion” (“Question religion/ Question it all/ Question existence/ Until them questions are solved”), an Illuminati mention (plus one for a Bugatti, too) and a self-serving mention of Hov’s ability to turn “arenas into churches.”

If nothing else, the guy’s learned a thing or two from Kanye about how to milk an album release by injecting it with an alternative method of gaining attention.

jay-z heaven song lyrics

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