Jay Z And Kanye West Are Co-Producing Chris Rock’s New Movie ‘Top Five’

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The Chris Rock written, directed and starred-film, Top Five, earned incredible reviews at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival and a record-setting $12.5 million distribution deal from Paramount. What’s drawing attention from those yet to see the movie, however, is the list of names involved.

Jay Z and Kanye West are dubbed as co-producers whereas Questlove is Five’s executive musical producer. Other heavy hitters included are Tracy Morgan, J.B. Smoove, Cedric The Entertainer, Adam Sandler, Kevin Hart and more. The premise of Five centers around Andre Allen – played by Rock – a comedian who found widespread Hollywood fame only to return to standup comedy after meeting a journalist, played by Rosario Dawson.

Rock explained to Variety the role was a blend of Eddie Murphy, Hart and himself and that Louis C.K. and Curb Your Enthusiasm were inspirations behind Five.

Whether this means Blue’s dad actually has input in the film’s decision making process or if it’s simply a title that sounds good in conversation remains to be seen. But it’s cool to see Rock pay ‘Ye back (or vice versa) for their previous collaboration, 2010’s “Blame Game.” Rock is slated to begin a tour this fall, one which Kanye coined.

“We were hanging out, we were listening to records or whatever and he said, ‘Black Plague,'” Rock told Jimmy Fallon. “I said, ‘Ooh, can I use that?’ He said, ‘OK.’ Now that’s mine. Gonna spread the ‘black plague.'”

As for the movie, no concrete release date has been announced, though anywhere between New Year’s Day 2015 and New Year’s Eve 2015 sounds like a safe bet.

On related note, too, hopefully the film’s plot comes to life. A new Chris Rock standup would be love.

Correction: West and Rock are not scheduled to go on tour. Kanye, however, helped Rock create the name for Rock’s impending comedy tour slated to start at the end of October.

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