Jay-Z Won’t Be Trading Bars With You, MC Hammer

11.03.10 7 years ago 26 Comments

After MC Hammer kicked off the beginning of the week with an incredulous display of unintentional humor, the only missing puzzle piece was whether Jay-Z was going give him a pass or the “Takeover” treatment. For those hoping to see a lopsided, lyrical entanglement, sorry to disappoint you. Jay told DJ Semtex he was just as surprised as we were.

Jay-Z: He took it the wrong way; I didn’t know it was on the table for discussion. And I ain’t didn’t know I said anything wrong! I don’t know I said a lie…or what!

DJ Semtex: You brought him back, Hov. He’s doing videos now…he’s on Nah Right right now. So he’s doing good.

Both: [Laughs]

In a classic case of irony, Jay also claims to have mentioned Hammer in his Decoded book with spurts of praise stemming from his comeup in East Oakland and how he’ll probably be embarrassed. Nah…Jay once you make a diss/video of that quality, self-respect is probably low on the priority list.


Jay-Z Reacts To MC Hammer’s Diss Video

Via DJ Semtex

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