Jay Z Once Did Advertising For Another Music Service Way Before Tidal

08.31.15 2 years ago 9 Comments

Of all the albums in Jay Z’s discography, few have created as many varied opinions as Blueprint 3. Oh sure, some people don’t like it, but have them run into someone who does, and they’ll end up yelling things like:

  • “Best No I.D. shoutout ever.”
  • “‘Off That’ sucks. Dude couldn’t even spend six months off Timbs.”
  • “J. Cole killed his verse.”
  • “Man, this is the coolest mid-life crisis ever.”
  • “‘Empire State'” was pretty good.”
  • “‘Ghetto Techno’ and ‘Reminder’ were NOT AT ALL good.”
  • “Kanye washed Jay on ‘Run This Town’.”
  • “‘Pew pew pew’?”

Point being, there’s one thing thing everyone can agree on – Hov made a really cool advertisement with Rhapsody. As a promo for BP3, the clip is a tracking shot recreation his first eight album covers. It’s also an instance of Jay doing advertising for a music service that isn’t Tidal. OK, he didn’t own Tidal at the time, and he doesn’t even do a voice over, but in 2015, it’s still weird to see another company get the Jay Z co-sign.

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