Jay Z’s Brand Name-Drops By The Numbers

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10.20.13 20 Comments

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If The Game is the king of mentioning other rappers names, then Jay Z owns the championship belt for referencing the most brands in rhymes. It may not be as distinctly heard but the numbers show that the Jiggaman has long been the unofficial spokesperson for a diverse group of companies, his raps a never-ending informercial if you will. Vanity Fair took the time to chart the companies listed most by Hov in his lyrics.

“We took on the gargantuan task of reading through the musician’s lyrics to sort out the top 15 most mentioned brands in his music (with an ever grateful hat tip to RapGenius.com). To make the task realistic, we referenced only albums officially included in his discography, and at times we interpreted lyrics when they very obviously referenced a brand without outright saying it.”

Seen: UPNT

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