His Life As Jeán

09.01.10 7 years ago 10 Comments

Unless you’re Will Smith or Chamillionaire, chances are you’re practicing profanity in your lyrics. At the very least, an unexpected F-bomb or b!tch might dot one of your tracks. Not that there’s anything wrong with either method of diction, but rappers taking a vow of cursing celibacy seem to catch a faux pas title more often than their vinegar-tongued brethren (lest we forget Eminem’s opinion on the matter).

But Canton, Ohio native Jéan Pierre Johnson – known simply by his moniker Jeán P – is alright with the clean-rapper label. On the Thelonious Martin-produced “Breakout,” Jean raps his ideal over a bass-heavy and melodically sampled beat, rhyming, “and every rapper claiming that he dope/when I still record clean bars like I’m rapping with soap.” And when he’s not benefiting from original production, Jean gives Sean Price’s “Figure Four” a shot on “Pay Attenchun!!,” hubristically waxing poetic over the sparse bass and stray horns.

Jeán P – “Breakout” | Download

Jeán P – “Pay Attenchun!!” | Download

Both tracks can be found on Jeán’s latest mixtape, My Life As Jeán, and be snagged here for free.

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