Jeezy And Jay Z Have “Seen It All” When It Comes To Dope Dealing

06.30.14 4 years ago 46 Comments

“Now the Nets a stones throw from where I used to throw bricks
So it’s only right I’m still tossing around Knicks…”

Part of me will always wonder how different Jeezy’s post-Recession career would’ve played out had “Real As It Gets” been his record and not Jay’s (as was the case with the original plan).

Snow and Jay have had a storied history in terms of rhyming alongside one another from TM103’s “I Do,” to Ross’ “Hustlin’ (Remix)” to their most storied and replay-worthy collaboration, 2005’s “Go Crazy (Remix).” Well, it’s not ’05 anymore, Young’s no longer rap’s runaway rookie of the year, Jay’s a dad and Jeezy’s output over the past half decade has been hit-or-miss at best. The same argument can be made about Jay’s, too.

How “Seen It All” – recording during the Magna Carta Holy Grail days – falls in line with their catalog is a verdict better left for the people to overanalyze. I will say this however. Cardo’s beat is haunting and Jeezy’s storytelling of life before rap is quintessential Snowman in many ways. And Jay? Jay’s verse bursts from the seams with explicit details and comes off more like his own version of a 30 For 30 documentary.

For “Seen” to be a success, making all the upstanding and debonair dope boys like myself go crazy isn’t necessarily a requirement. Making the “Real As It Gets” jack move a slightly easier pill to swallow would be a good start though.

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