Jeezy Ft. Rocko & 2 Chainz – “Benihana”

11.14.13 4 years ago 2 Comments


The Good: Chainz is Chainz, no more no less. However, I enjoyed Jeezy’s part on “Benihana.” Having been critical of a lot of his music in recent times, typing that felt marvelous. And now I suddenly have the craving for Benihana, despite never having dined there.

The Bad: Dammit, Rocko. Really? On second thought, maybe I’m overreacting and this verse isn’t as bad as I’m thinking and I’m really still mad about that “UOENO” series he attempted to pull off earlier this year. You know what? That is it.

The Ugly: Jeezy and Def Jam’s relationship at this point. “Benihana” is slated to appear on the forthcoming It’s Tha World 2 dropping November 27. According to Snow, if the house that Russell built doesn’t get its act together, we may be seeing two projects from The Artist Formerly Known As Young this holiday season. The second one being leaking his own album.

Bonus: If that’s not enough Dos Necklaces to cater to your liking, he also joined Young Dro for their “Strong (Remix).”

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