This Is What Happens When An Incognito Jeff Gordon Goes Into A Car Dealership And Test Drives A Camaro

03.13.13 5 years ago 11 Comments

Don’t look now, but Pepsi’s advertising department is knocking nearly everything they do out the park. They nabbed Beyonce for the Super Bowl and Kyrie Irving’s “Uncle Drew” character for PEPSI MAX is a sure fire hit. With their latest commercial – featuring Jeff Gordon in disguise – they’ve got yet another reason to ask for more paid vacation when the time arises.

Like Irving and “Drew,” Gordon goes undercover for the soft drink portraying a timid driver whose only experience behind the wheel is that of his mini-van. The car salesmen smells blood believing he has a potential sale on his hands and gets behind the wheel of a Chevy Camaro for a test drive. Only Gordon treats the excursion as if it were his own #24 car at the Datonya 500.

The next few minutes provide unavoidable comedy with all credit due to the salesmen who I’m pretty sure damn near shits himself uttering every curse word under the sun. So upset with seeing his life flash before his eyes, buddy threatens to call the cops for some sort of endangerment until Jeff reveals it was all a prank.

If Pepsi’s taking ideas – and I need compensation if they do – have Calvin Johnson randomly show up at a park as a 60+ year man and play a game of flag football. Or have Mike Trout crash a softball game. That is, unless, they’re already endorsed by another drink, in which case simply wait for Jadaveon Clowney to turn pro next year. Either way, the creative juices are flowing here, but they’re not for free either.


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