Jeff Teague And The Most Amazing Clutch Airball Ever

03.20.12 6 years ago 17 Comments

For what it’s worth, last night’s Hawks and Celtics game was pretty bad. Certain accounts said the contest appeared to be moving in slow motion and any professional game featuring a final score of 79-76 isn’t exactly indicative of an instant classic. Yet, Atlanta’s Jeff Teague managed to do the impossible.

Down three with under 10 seconds remaining in the game, Teague was the trailer and was left wide the hell open by Boston’s defense for a shot that seemingly had all the makings of a game tying, overtime forcing three pointer. Seriously, it was a beautiful pressure situation play call with everything working to Atlanta’s favor until Jeff’s three pointer went sailing wide left not even as much grazing the rim. Not to kick a man while he’s down, because Teague’s actually a good player who did bang on Ray Allen earlier in this same game, but SBNation’s Brian Floyd was on to something. This has to be one of the worst air balls of all time.

Also, take a look at random people in the crowd. It’s like everyone left off a collective, “Oh, you have to be sh*tting me!” at once. Atlanta wasn’t named the most miserable sports city for nothing, you know?

[SB Nation]

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