Jennifer Lopez Releases ‘Booty’ Remix With Iggy Azalea And These GIFs Prove The Video Will Be Epic

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08.26.14 63 Comments

Jennifer Lopez Iggy Azalea Booty Remix

“The last time the world seen a booty this good, it was on Jenny from the block.”

Consider the fact that Jennifer Lopez has released a remix to her song “Booty,” with a feature from Iggy Azalea, as a warning shot. As for the song itself, women may love it if it’s played in their rhumba classes and young girls will probably litter WSHH with videos of them trying to twerk in their bedroom mirror while the remix plays in the background.

But most of you hounddogs should set your alerts because where there’s a big name remix like this, a video usually follows.

jennifer lopez booty video 2

A few months back, J. Lo did release a trailer for the original version of the song featuring Pitbull. The rebirth of Jennifer Lopez includes her bringing back her Fly Girl dance moves from In Living Color days and updating them by adding in twerk moves. Let the record show that J. Lo’s still got the looks and the moves, making her the BADDEST 45-year-old twerker in the game.

She knows how to drop it.


She knows how to pop it.


She can show you how to smack it.


She knows how to jiggle it.


She knows how to…I don’t know but it’s impressive. If we were in a strip club, I’d throw dollars at it.


She can go fast or slow.


She’s J. Lo dammit.


So, here’s the remix with Iggy for now and the aforementioned trailer both below. Also, Iggy sort of alludes to a remix video on her Instagram, so make note of that as well.

No matter what happens, we should all start saying silent prayers in hopes that a video of some sort releases in this year. We deserve it and I feel like the best is yet to come.

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