Your Daily Crazy: Woman Blows Through $70 Million, Resorts To Selling Painkillers On Craigslist To Make Ends Meet

03.04.13 5 years ago 12 Comments

Meet 38-year-old Jennifer Sultan, tech entrepreneur, former millionaire, addict, drug dealer and now convict.

At 25-years-old, the NYU graduate sold her start-up tech company Live Online for $70 million. After some bad investments, and no doubt, YOLO activities, the bankrupt entrepreneur became so hard up for cash, that she resorted to selling painkillers on Craigslist, and even attempted to sell a firearm.

Early last year, a city narcotics investigator discovered an advertisement Ms. Sultan had placed on Craigslist offering prescription painkillers for sale. She and Mr. Cohen were still living in the penthouse loft near Union Square that they bought after the sale of Live Online.

Five times from February through June, she sold pills to an undercover officer, according to her indictment. One sale took place at the Starbucks on Union Square. In another, she sold 183 oxycodone tablets to the officer for $4,400 at a Starbucks in the Flatiron district near the school where she was studying acupuncture.

A separate investigation into the ring that sold stolen guns and pain medication picked up Ms. Sultan sending a text message to the man accused of being the ringleader, Ivan Chavez, saying she wanted to sell him a .357 Magnum handgun for $850, according to a separate indictment obtained by the Manhattan district attorney.

Sultan has been incarcerated since being booked in July 2012 and will remain in prison for four years after pleading guilty to selling prescription painkillers and conspiring to sell a firearm.

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