You Have To Watch This Brilliant Soccer Goal From AC Milan’s Jeremy Menez

09.14.14 3 years ago 11 Comments

Today in Italy’s Serie A, the country’s top soccer league, AC Milan and Parma met in Parma for a nine-goal thriller, which included two players sent off and a penalty kick. It was batsh*t crazy for soccer standards.

The wildest thing of all might’ve been the above goal, which holy hell. Look at it. Cheeky doesn’t even begin to describe how dumb Milan’s French winger Jeremy Menez made the Parma keeper look. That’s just petty brilliance, a thumb to the nose of the entire game of soccer because Menez doesn’t give one iota of a f*ck. He knows he can make goals that slyly gorgeous.

That was one of Menez’s two goals on the day, as Milan beat Parma 5-4.

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