Jeremih – “Birthday Sex” Video

05.30.09 8 years ago 14 Comments

Maybe calling this the greatest song ever created can be considered hyperbole. But you’d agree if you’ve ever been grinded on by a Chi-town mami while this tune plays. Scientists say that Jeremih’s “Birthday Sex” releases a hypnotic whistle at such frequencies it is inaudible to the human ear but it can only be described as an auditory roofie. There are probably a lot of Chicagoans that owe Jeremih a drink for this song coming on in a club and turning a lost night into a freakfest with a girl who’s evening isn’t complete unless someone’s belt buckle is rubbing her ass whilst “Birthday Sex” rings from the speakers.

The video, though, is a little disappointing with a little too much man in the camera for my liking. I instead play Ms. Rosa Acosta’s workout videos on mute while I listen to the song. I light candles too…and…I’ll…I’ll be right back.

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