Jeremih Releases The Most Spectacular Video Of 2012

07.24.12 5 years ago 43 Comments

Look, if the title didn’t get the message across, let me run it by you one more time. Do not – I repeat DO NOT – click play on this video if you’re at work or church for whatever reason. Now that we’ve got the disclaimers out of the way, Jeremih just dropped a visual that would make even the most OG of BET Uncut viewers stop, stand up and deliver a slow clap. In similar fashion to Nelly’s “Tip Drill,” let’s break down Jeremih’s “Go To The Mo” in points.

1. Jeremih’s prowess on hooks over the past year and change goes without saying. He’s been on some legitimate chart topping singles, but I’d be lying if being gung-ho to hear solo material from buddy was at the top of my priority list. Let’s just say it was one of my better decisions of this entire month.

2. Music videos sensationalize everything. You and I both know no women who look like this are staying at Route 66 or the Days Inn. I stayed in a Days Inn for A3C last year and I wouldn’t have taken even the smuttiest of smuts back there.

3. Having said that, God bless the creator of boy shorts. You, sir or ma’am, are an American institution.

4. For about a good 15-20 seconds, you couldn’t have convinced me this wasn’t lost footage from Bootytalk 53.

5. If times get rough for the Chicago native, expect a sextape with these same three females to drop.

6. Somewhere, Brian McKnight sits even more pissed because when he tries to make music similar to this, he gets crucified. At least he can find solace in the fact he helped Martin propose to Gina.

Congrats, Jeremih. Critics may call this misogynistic, lack of creativity or any other negative connotation under the sun, but you’ve got a believer in me. Damn right I’ll be checking out Late Nights With Jeremih when it drops August 7.

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