Jeremy Lamb Has The Best Dunk Of The Year So Far

11.12.11 6 years ago 10 Comments

On one hand, it’s almost unfair to think what a second year of Kemba Walker and Jeremy Lamb would have done at UConn. On the other, however, watching Lamb evolve from highly talented running mate to potentially a savvy vet in just his second year of college is even more appealing. I’ve gone on record stating how Harrison Barnes should be a man child to watch this season. Yet, Lamb has a game too silky smooth to ignore. Everything looks to be executed without over exerting himself; like he could run a full game right back if need be. His wingspan is ridiculous. He’s unselfish. His jumper is improving, as is his defense. Basketball is full of comparisons and if I had to liken his still evolving game to someone, flashes of a young Scottie Pippen skill set wise come to mind. And before the ethics committee gets all distraught, that’s not saying he’ll have a career just like him either.

In the same vein as Scottie, Lamb has no problems putting anyone on a poster either (the dunk on Ewing is still the GOAT). Just ask this Columbia defender. Trying to take charge turned into elevation, a man region in his face, a SportsCenter top 10 highlight, this post and yet another reason to link back to the greatness that was this Boondocks episode. The super sophomore ended the game with 30 points. And just like that, we’re already looking at a candidate for “dunk of the year.” No worries though, Blake, LeBron or D-Rose will surely have something to add to the pot come season’s end.

Oh, wait…

Bonus: Check out this pretty cool time-lapse video of how the Carrier Classic on the USS Carl Vinson between UNC and Michigan State came to life. This wasn’t a bad look for college basketball and a rather cool way to show respect to the troops. Respect to all the men and women who risk their lives everyday so I can write stuff like this. You’re braver than I ever will be.

Respect: Blippitt

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