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Ooo Wee Look At Bree Evans

Jeremy Shockey: LeBron Could Never Play In The NFL [TBL]

6 Inventors Who Got Jack Shit for Changing the Modern World [Cracked]

Ready For Breathalyzer At Football Stadium Gate? [SbB]

Good To Know: Sarah Palin Believes In Racial Profiling, Glenn Beck [Racialicious]

Play Cloths Holiday Delivery [Sole Classics]

Santa Gives Up on America, and Vice Versa [http://gawker.com/5408572/santa-gives-up-on-america-and-vice-versa]

Hornets Show Off New Mardi Gras Uni’s [Dime]

Are You A Dick? [GQ]

PS2 Finally Released In Brazil… For Only $465! [Koalition]

Anne Hathaway Boards The ‘Spider-Man 4’ Merry-Go-Round [The Playlist]

YK2Daily x Where’s The Love? Once Again… [Y2K]

Assorted Crap For Kids [Film Drunk]

10 Things You Should Never Say to a Gamer Girl [Asylum]

Alpha Air Jordan 1 [Street Level]

I’ve Had This Dream: 30 Models Blowing Kisses [Guyism]

The Graphic Truth: Venn Candygram [College Humor]

TSS Shirts For $11 [TSS]

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