If These Pics Are Of Jerry Jones With Hot Chicks, He’s Got Some Explaining To Do

08.05.14 3 years ago 30 Comments


We could do “The Drunken History Of Jerry Jones.” However, these pics of a man who looks a lot like the Cowboys owner don’t warrant an elaborate think-piece.

1. These photos – I’m PRETTY sure he is inebriated in these pics. No way he does that sober. Or he might, but just follow along.

2. There’s also video of him a few years ago drunk in a bar dissing Tebow saying how he would never draft him.

3. Also, Jerry stumbling through Bourbon Street with a brew in tow after Dallas got curb-stomped by Drew Brees and company is an oldie-but-goodie, too.

4. Oh, Jerry was hella faded in this one.

5. The most famous of them all, however, is an alleged hammered Jerry crashing a table where Jimmy Johnson and his wife and friends were drunk creating an awkward moment. Jerry later tells reporters that night that “anyone could coach the Cowboys to the Super Bowl.” One thing leads to another and Jimmy soon quits and the Cowboys were never the same again. So Jerry had a “Marvin’s Room” moment that killed the Cowboys.

The Twitter user who uploaded the pics and the story associated with the pics may be even weirder than the actual pics.



Cred: Deadspin

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