Jerry Seinfeld’s Wife Loves Wale As Much As Wale Loves Jerry Seinfeld

01.20.13 5 years ago 19 Comments

Wale’s current niche in Hip-Hop isn’t a unique one. But back when he was pushing his kinetic Go-Go style through mixtapes like 100 Miles And Running, Back To The Feature and Mixtape About Nothing, it was hard to find a fresher style. That last mixtape – inspired by, of all things, Seinfeld – is arguably his best work, and with a follow-up album in the works (Album About Nothing), it’s only appropriate that Jerry Seinfeld himself speak on the project. The comedian discusses his wife’s love for Wale: “[My wife] says ‘Wale is my favorite hip-hop artist anywhere, I have every single thing’… she’s into him, he’s into me, and I didn’t know about the whole thing.”

The entire interview is worth watching, showcasing plenty of that self-depricating humor that made the comedian famous. But, more to the point, could we be in store for an ‘old’ Wale appearance? The D.C. rapper catches a lot of shit for becoming an MMG-clone, but he’s hardly the first artist in the industry to jump at an opportunity to cash in. Hopefully, hearing that he’s taking creative direction from Seinfeld again means that he’s ready to think outside of Rick Ross’ box for the first time in years. Because, let’s be honest: you probably won’t hear Ross or Meek Mill dropping bars on a track sampling the Seinfeld intro.

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