The “Jersey Club” Remix To Carl Garrett’s “You Deserve Rounds” That Parodies Drake’s “Come Thru” Deserves A Grammy

01.24.14 4 years ago 5 Comments

ICYMI, there’s this viral Vine video by this guy, Carl Garrett, singing a line from Drake’s song “Come Thru.” The clip was subject to much ridicule and parody due to its awkwardness…and because the Internet.

Many Viners and YouTubers alike remade the video mostly making fun of Carl’s heartfelt seven-second cover. Following the initial wave, many remixes from DJs and producers popped up, milking the acapella for its popularity and trying to gain attention. Most sucked as bad as the original clip.

In comes Brooklyn producer iMarkkeyz with his remix to blow the competition out of the frame. It’s marked as “Jersey Club,” but I hear a bit of Chicago House as well and a snippet from Rihanna’s “Stay” comes in to make it a catchy song. Click play and join in because I’ve listened about 20 times now.

Thanks iMarkkeyz and, of course, Carl for helping me waste away the hours at work today.

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