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Jersey Shore Cast Members Will Earn Six-Figures Next Season [Vulture]

Soulja Boy Vs. 4Chan Pt. 2 [TRU]

The Real Rick Ross Filing New Lawsuit Against Rapper Rick Ross [HHW]

Poor Man’s Kurt Angle Resists Police Tasing & Beat Down at PNC Park [HHR]

See? England Has Dummies Too [FilmDrunk]

Is Blog Love Overvalued? [Houston Press]

Joanna Shari & Ashley Logan Cover Sweets Magazine [Spizzy]

Pusha-T Discusses ‘Fear Of God’ Mixtape, Clipse Future [Rapdirt]

Why T-Shirts Matter [Adam Nash]

Manny Ramirez Retires from MLB After Second Drug-Related Suspension [LBS]

Woolrich Woolen Mills Fall/Winter 2011 Collection [SlamxHype]

Can Sadat X Make Wine Hip-Hop? [Village Voice]

Madlib’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure [LA Weekly]

Rik Cordero Set to Direct Second Feature ‘Starla’ [HHDX]

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