Jessica Burciaga May Or May Not Be Kobe’s Mistress, But She’s Definitely Hot

12.19.11 6 years ago 19 Comments

Feast your eyes on Jessica Burciaga, the woman alleged to be Kobe Bryant’s mistress. Again, alleged. For her part, she denies any involvement with Kobe but that hasn’t stopped her name from being associated with the NBA star’s divorce from wife Vanessa.

Can you imagine any poon that’s worth $200 million more than your wife? I don’t know how much Kobe and Ms. Burciaga screwed, but he probably ended up paying $2,000 per pump. And the thing is, the looks JUST LIKE Vanessa. It’s like paying the final note on a Mercedes then picking up notes a BMW from the same year. What’s the point? At least Jesse James went and banged some off the wall chick when he left Sandra Bullock. Tiger Woods is off somewhere like, “that Kobe guy is an idiot”.

This may or may not be Kobe’s jumpoff…but the knowledge that she exists gives us an excuse to post pictures of her in half-naked glory. We doubt you’ll complain.

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