Jessie Ware – ‘Want Your Feeling’ (Prod. By Dev Hynes)

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09.02.14 3 Comments
Jessie Ware In Concert

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Jessie Ware’s “Want Your Feeling,” produced by Dev Hynes, comes off very ’80s-like. The aura it gives off feels like I should be at a rollerskating rink that houses a big huge disco ball hanging from the middle of the ceiling. Or maybe snorting high-priced, quality coke with a rolled up dollar. Then again, it might require me doing a very old school dance like The Hustle. Or maybe this is one of those types of songs that I would hear played in my mom’s aerobics class way back when that trend took over women’s fitness. Perhaps it’s all of these retro things. The cool thing about “Want Your Feeling” is that it works as well right now as it would’ve in the decades ago that it descended from.

The British singer’s Tough Love LP will be out on October 21.

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