Prepare For A World Without The JET ‘Beauty Of The Week’

05.07.14 3 years ago 17 Comments

Adolescent me would be sad today. That’s in response to JET Magazine‘s announcement that they’ll be ending their 63-year print run. Instead, the company will focus on their digital side with a major focus on a digital-only format, set to arrive in June.

“’The print version is going away, but the franchise is not going away,’ said Desiree Rogers, CEO of Chicago-based Johnson Publishing Company.

“The new app, which will be available for tablets and all mobile devices, will be published weekly, and will update breaking news daily. It will include video interviews, 3-D charts and archival photos, in addition the content available in the print edition.

“The third-largest circulation magazine in the African-American market, Jet reduced publication frequency from weekly to roughly every three weeks in recent years. Last summer, Jet went through a major redesign, with more service-oriented stories, bigger photos, more graphics and a new website.

“The changes were not enough to stave off the transition to digital, according to Rogers.

“‘We were not able to deliver and to print a weekly magazine that was cost-effective,’ Rogers said. ‘Over the past few years we tried to figure out how do we get back to the Jet that everyone had growing up, where they got information more readily. We made the decision that this was a great opportunity to move Jet to a digital platform.'”

What will Black people read at the barbershops and beauty salons? What will prisoners do to fill their spank banks?

I haven’t picked up a copy of JET in years, which is obviously one of the reasons they’re ending print production. But, as a kid, I anticipated our weekly subscription issue because I’d flip to the back for the music charts, then go make little shitty playlists.

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