Jim Jones Is Taking Shots Again

04.21.10 7 years ago 47 Comments

This is our Stanley Cup for Harlem.”

Such bold statements being made. But winning affords you that luxury and Capo and co. did take the chip in last year’s Band Of Ballers game. And yes, that is God Shammgod, former Providence notable and a fellow Harlemite who’ll be hooping with The Jones Family again. Watch & listen below as the twosome display that usual uptown swag and throwing a little competitive shade @ fellow competitors Jermaine Dupri (“What is he, like 5’2″? What is he gone do?”) and OJ Da Juiceman (“Does he look like he’s athletically inclined even a lil bit?”).

Make sure you and your crew enter to win tickets to attend the Band Of Ballers event, sponsored by Converse. Click here for the details. We want our readers there in case embarrassing incidents take place and fools try to confiscate the tapes, word to Bron Bron.

Edit — We’ve already got a response from Team Bad News (Jay Electronica, Sean Price, and Donnis). In the clip below, Sean P remarks that “if we cant play better than them, we can definitely out rap every team…fo sho.” Touché.

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