Jimmy Hands Jay Leno Some Ether

01.15.10 8 years ago 26 Comments

This late night talk show thing is getting good.

Cliff’s Notes Version: Jay Leno gave his show to Conan. Jay’s new show sucked. Jay wants his show back from Conan. Conan’s show doesn’t suck. Jay gets Conan’s show.

Fair? No. But this whole fracas has been really entertaining. The highlight of it all came last night when Leno invited Jimmy Kimmel onto his show. It’s always frustrating to see a comedian rip someone to shreds then act nice in person. Good thing Kimmel feels the same way I do. Just a couple of days after impersonating Leno on his show, Jimmy shows up on Jay’s show and continues the insults while Mr. Chin stands around looking like someone took his milk and cookies.

“The best prank I ever pulled was I told a guy that—five years from now—I’m gonna give you my show. And then when the five years came, I gave it to him, and then I took it back almost instantly” – Jimmy Kimmel

This Jay/Jimmy battle > that Jay/Jimmy battle

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