Jimmy Kimmel’s Guide To Giving Kids Crappy Christmas Gifts

12.18.11 6 years ago 7 Comments

Jimmy Kimmel ruins children’s lives. After encouraging parents to send in videos pretending that they ate their kids’ Halloween candy, the late night host invented a new gag to traumatize American youngsters: film kids’ reactions to receiving shitty Christmas gifts. Watch as YouTube-ready parents destroy children’s holiday seasons with half-eaten sandwiches, Hello Kitty attire and rotten bananas, all while Kimmel breaks out into a shit-eating grin. It makes you appreciate those God-forsaken socks your grandmother knitted you when you were 12 since, well, you weren’t being filmed for America’s delight.

Let the clip’s most distraught youngster summarize the betrayal: “Jimmy Kimmel can suck my balls.”

Well played, kid.

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