Prepare To Be Mind F*cked: JMSN’s “Something” Video

01.13.12 6 years ago 5 Comments

If by the end of any music video you find yourself wondering, “What the hell did I just watch?”, chances are it’s a good thing. Unless said visual in any shape or form involves RiFF RaFF. The incredibly enigmatic JMSN recently dropped his album, †Priscilla†, on the heels of quite the viral marketing campaign. He also liberated what I’m already dubbing as the weirdest f*ckin’ video of 2012. The motion picture for “Something” has the feel of a sequence of events straight out a Steven King horror novel, but in reality speaks to something much, much more intricate.

You’ll probably need a couple of times to catch the lesson behind the constant supply of squids, scary looking white kids, a naked chick in the tub with fish, and even then it’ll probably go over your head. With this exact reason in mind, JMSN decided to provide a breakdown of the video and what each symbol means and why it was included in his vision. Everyone has demons, desires, goals and nightmares floating through their head and how they choose to present them to the world is specifically up to them and their creative process. For the man named after one of the OG’est of all whiskeys, we’re all able to view his with a simple wi-fi connection. Prepare yourself though. As I said previously, this is some trippy sh*t, mayne.

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