There Are A Lot Of People Who Never Knew This Jodeci ‘Forever My Lady (Remix)’ Ever Existed

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Fun Fact No. 1: In 2011, Dalvin told SoulCulture the most controversial line from he, K-Ci, JoJo and Devante’s Forever My Lady album was the first line in the title track, “So you’re having my baby.”

Fun Fact No. 2: K-Ci had no desire to sing it and Devante hated it. The uneasiness around the line stemmed from the perception people would think they were older than what they really were at the time.

Fun Fact No. 3: Al B. Sure! was the one who wrote that line.

Ultimately, cooler and more lucrative heads prevailed, K-Ci sang the line, the album became a marquee catalyst in the groundswell of New Jack Swing appreciation and the song is now revered as one of R&B finest recordings.*

What’s rarely mentioned is the single’s remix, partially because many either A) completely forgot it ever existed or B) had no clue it ever existed in the first place. The “KC’s Drum” version – with a different beat and different lyrics – was nestled on the single’s 1991 12″ promotional release. And with the remix came the obvious comparison to the iconic original.

That’s just it, though. The original is iconic, so the remix was fighting an uphill battle from the moment it was paired alongside its predecessor. However – and please believe this “however” comes with added importance – this version deserves an immediate addition to whatever freak-nasty playlist you and the husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend have queued up when sexy time arises and a soundtrack is in order.

“KC’s Drum” separates itself with a nostalgic vibe to the days predating social media when a guy’s best chance of getting with a girl was making sure he secured the last dance on a song just like this. At eight minutes, and with replay-value higher than K-Ci, you’re going to be here for awhile. But you’ll enjoy it. You’ll enjoy every second.

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* – And one helluva karaoke record to perform.

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