Lakers Jodie Meeks Bangs On Nicolas Batum

Contributing Writer
03.04.14 2 Comments

It has not been a fun season for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Starting with the #Stay12 debacle, things have only been downhill for the new other team in LA. Currently sporting a 21-39 record (only six of those games include an appearance from the Black Mamba), good for last in the Western Conference (tied with the Kings), it isn’t even fun to make fun of Laker fans anymore, as they’ve all pretty much thrown in the towel.

But Monday night, Jodie Meeks reminded plenty of folks that the Lakers do indeed, still play in the NBA in games that actually count. On a night where Lebron scored a career-high, Meeks’ dunk on Nic Batum earned him the number one spot on SportsCenter. The Lakers even won the game, their second straight, and dozens of Laker fans dusted off their social networks to talk about Meeks getting revenge for Juan Carlos Navarro. For added excitement, Kent Bazemore throws the precise inbounds pass to Wesley Johnson for a game-winning, alley-oop.

So put those 81 point game memes away for a few hours Laker fans, there is noteworthy stuff going on in actual current Laker games, I swear.

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