Joe Budden – “Black Cloud”

10.04.10 7 years ago 14 Comments

“Fans recognized my misery uplifted me/shifted me to my epitome, guess this curse is a gift to me/maybe it’s serendipity…”

Taking interest in Mouse’s career is an exercise in going against your better judgment. Kind of like rooting for the stud receiver lining up against your favorite team, because he’s your last hope in winning a  fantasy football match-up. For whatever reason, Joey’s musical highs seems to be directly linked to his personal lows. So even while he was in happier time, I was wishing for something bad to cross his path. Nothing major like any loved ones dying, more in the vein of Stinkmeaner scuffing up his new shoes.

On “Black Cloud, the first of four leaks leading up to Mood Muzik 4’s Oct. 26th release, it appears that Joe’s at least come to terms with his lot in life, even if he hasn’t fully accepted it. He cleanses his soul over the mic and we have something to play after a bad day. Sounds like a win for everybody involved.


Download — Joe Budden – “Black Cloud”

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