“Still I Feel Like My Problems Are Great…”

01.29.10 8 years ago 14 Comments

“You can be anything in this world that you want…except for my downfall…”

It’s a damn shame when records of this caliber encounter release issues. The J. Cardim-produced “Downfall” failed to make the cut for Joe Budden’s upcoming album, The Great Escape. According to Jersey’s own, it was because of the infamous “sample clearance,” among other reasons.

For seven minutes, the self-proclaimed “outcast in my own group” vents those frustrations. It’s the Mouse which drew him legions of fans and separated him from many a MC. Punchlines, graphic pictures, raw emotions and retrospective one liners. Yeah, Joe unleashes the darkest thoughts plaguing his mental on this one. However, it’s the last verse (presumably about Tahiry) raising the most eyebrows. Turns out he had plans on popping the question. And with lines like this, it’s easy to see how rattled about the breakup he truly is.

“Can’t use anything I ever gave you to bury me, You supposed to be the one to bury me…”

Damn. Love is painful.


Download – Joe Budden – Downfall (Prod. by J. Cardim)

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