Joe Budden Ft. Emanny – “More Of Me (All Of Me Pt. 2)”

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Seemingly picking up where his catalog-classic “All Of Me” left off, Joe Budden and Emanny update the story in 2012 with the Cardiak-produced “More Of Me.” Getting the essentials out of the way first, the record is said to appear on Mouse’s forthcoming A Loose Quarter set to drop November 23.

Now, to the song itself. While the mystery and darkness of Budden seemingly went out of the window as he became one of the primary artists to embrace the social media explosion, these are the type of confessionals his long-term, diehard fans yearn for. Open, introspective and soul-bearing, “More Of Me” is track with two narratives. The first half is Joe’s admittance that his present day success is surprise even to himself and the result of guidance from something much more powerful than his lyrics. The second, which is where the meat of the song lies, finds Joe revealing his admiration and respect for a young woman who could’ve been left for dead by society.

Instead, her unyielding positive outlook on life – amongst all the bullshit life tossed her way from broken homes to molestation – Budden cherishes. I’m about 95% sure he’s referring to his current love interest and Nightcap alumni, Kaylin Garcia, based off the context clues in the lyrics.

“More Of Me” is quintessential Joe Budden in the fact it leaves no stone unturned and no question unanswered. Well, except one. Who the hell is taking all these pictures he’s using as his avi on Twitter?

Joe Budden Feat. Emanny – “More Of Me (All Of Me Pt. 2)” (Prod. By Cardiak)

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