Joe Budden Refuses To Drop His Kendrick Lamar Response Song, Tweets Out Lyrics Instead

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08.16.13 50 Comments

According to Budden and his friend, Twitter celebrity OfficiallyIce, Joey recorded a 5:26 Kendrick Lamar response song that won’t be seeing the light of day*.

Since Joe’s initial “you gon learn today” Twitter jab to Kendrick, fans have been feverishly waiting for the Jersey rapper to drop his response record. And they almost had it, too. That’s until, for whatever reason, Joe decided to sit on it**.

Read the lyrics and reactions from those who heard “Hip Hop’s ‘The Purge’” and get yourself so hyped up that your only choice is to kill yourself.

* — That’s unless it’s leaked.
** — Rumor has it he tweeted and deleted the link.

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Photo: OfficiallyIce

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