Joe Budden Looks Pretty Happy For A Man Wanted By The Cops

08.25.14 3 years ago 14 Comments

At last check, the boys in blue were hot on the hunt for Joe Budden after he allegedly stole his ex-girlfriend’s phone sometime during which he allegedly physically assaulted her, too.

Mouse has been pretty vocal about his innocence and displeasure with the New York Police Department dragging his good name through the mud. He’s not shying away from living his life either. NBC Channel 4 in N.Y. caught the Mood Muzik rapper sitting on his stoop preparing to walk his dog. You know, like any real felon would.

Asked whether he’s on the run or not, Budden laughed everything off. “I’m wearing pink. Who runs wearing pink?”

As explained in the report, the assault reportedly occurred at his New Jersey home, charges to which he’s already turned himself in on and been released. The cellphone incident, however, happened in New York, which is why the NYPD tweeted that he was a wanted man on Saturday.

Budden contends that legally the phone in questions belongs to him and that “Whatever needs to be done to rectify the situation, I’m more than willing to come down there.”

On a more serious note, domestic violence is never an issue to take lightly. Couple that with the fact Joe hasn’t really been popping musically in a minute – but more so for Twitter, Love & Hip-Hop and pool parties – and situations like these are depressing as hell to watch play out in real-time.

Source: NBC NY

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