Joe Budden’s Back On The Mood Muzik Tip With ‘Nothing Changed’

10.01.14 3 years ago 6 Comments
Joe Budden Nothing Changes


Artist need inspiration to create, this is the fundamental thesis of art. It doesn’t have to be complicated, it can be as simply as a few drinks, a night out or a muse. For others, it needs to be more convoluted, something with deeper meaning and a more lasting impression. Joe Budden is definitely in the later category.

It’s a running joke amongst Joe and his fans that he makes his best music when he’s either depressed, on drugs, in the midst of a breakup or all three. This is the place Joe emerged from to give us the four Mood Muzik mixtapes that serve as the proof to all who hail Budden as one of the better rappers of the last decade, and Joe may have returned to that mindset for his latest release, “Nothing Changed,” featuring fellow New Jersey natives Tsu Surf and Ransom.

Mouse has clearly had his share of women problems in the last year, and that serves and the impetus of his verse here.

She think I wanna f*ck bitches cause its summer time
But I was on some “f*ck bitches” you was summer fine
I’m talking from experience it’s just what’s on the mind
It’s sounding foreign to you now but that’ll come in time
I’m a go getter, I’m Mr. If that bitch is bad go get her

According to Joe this is the first leak off of a weekly series he is calling #SomeLove. The leaks will lead up to the release of his new album, Some Love Lost, due out November 4th.

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