Joe Budden – “Ordinary Love Sh*t (Pt. 1)”

12.27.10 7 years ago 15 Comments

Joe Budden’s music has always provided a gateway into what most others consider the private sector of their lives. From his back and forth with Angie, to the Tahiry era, to whatever he had with Somaya Reece to his current day love interest Esther Baxter, these relationships have all been the inspiration for quality music at some point. Mood Muzik 5 may be months away – or never – but “Ordinary Love Sh*t (Pt. 1)” has the credentials to associate itself with the series.

Backed by a fitting Sade sample, Mouse hits his stride and a few nerves once the topic of a rocky relationship is brought to the forefront.

Cause you never seen me act like a jerk
I know women will provoke you and get mad when it works
Rather reserved and that always makes matters the worst
Cause I go on about my business and not act like it never hurts
But wait…
It’s to the point I gotta ask myself
Why the fuck is so easy to detach myself?
Maybe it ain’t you just something I lack myself
But if these wounds are self inflicted I could patch myself
Now listen I could give a fuck about how them other niggas treated you
If your ass was that perfect they would be with you
I don’t care if you’re dimed out
You’ll say you’re the best I’ll ever have
And I’ll say I’m willing to find out

Connoisseurs of Jersey City’s own will know his voice trailing off towards the end signals additional parts are in store. Considering his tumultuous love life, this could spawn into the Hip-Hop version of “Trapped In The Closet.”


Joe Budden – “Ordinary Love Shit (Pt. 1)”

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