The iPod Shuffle – Joe Budden’s “Sober Up”

12.21.12 5 years ago 3 Comments

When it comes to making music that everyday, common person can relate to, few do it better than Joe Budden. He’s imperfect and he wears it on his sleeve as brightly as the tattoos inked on his arms. “Sober Up” is a record of reflection, as Joey looks to the sky and methodically rattles off thoughts and ideas to the man upstairs, but he’s venting more than actually asking for answers.

I’m recently unemployed (again) and questioning just about everything these days. My degree isn’t much more than a fancy piece of paper at the moment since every employer out there is looking for someone with experience but nobody wants to give that experience. I left school armed with, what I thought was a strong foundation and a specialization, so I was confident that it wouldn’t be this difficult to find a gig that would last the long haul.

But there’s nothing like reality to have you “Sober Up,” is there?

Joe Budden Ft. Crooked I – “Sober Up”

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