Joell Ortiz – “125 Part 2″ Video (Unreleased)

03.31.09 9 years ago 7 Comments

Really, Joell could have given me the “125 Grams” series as an EP and that would’ve been enough for me to crown him. The all five parts combined are like an audiobook set to music, as Mr. Ortiz goes through the autobiographical at a breakneck lyrical pace.

Now, with Rik & crew launching Three/21 as a freestanding spot, they’ve decided (I guess) to unearth a few gems for the masses and one of the early offerings is a previously unreleased video for “125 Part 2.”

Here is an unreleased video from the Three/21 Archives of Joell Ortiz’s “125 Part 2 (Fresh Air)” which we shot a long ass time ago at a studio in Brooklyn. It was one of those moments where we tried to freestyle a concept and it turning into over 5 minutes of straight rapping into the camera. Not much else going on here but Joell is that rare breed of artist who has the charisma and energy to rap for that long, break into a smile, and love every minute of it. That’s Hip Hop people.

Amen to that Rik. Amen.

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