Joell Ortiz Puts On For New York, Responds To Kendrick’s “Control”

08.13.13 4 years ago 136 Comments

joell ortiz

And here we go. Joell Ortiz fires off his rebuttal in what’s sure to be the first of 1,000,000 responses that will soon come regarding Kendrick’s “Control” verse.

Oddly enough, Ortiz is the Slaughterhouse member with the quick response, you know, and not that other guy in the group who made his bones by spitting out punchlines about 10 o’clock news headlines by 10:29.

Anyways, This is cool. Joell didn’t body Kendrick, but he clearly didn’t bow down to the boy who would be king. He also managed to kick a chairs over on his way out by alluding to bigger stars from NY who we all know won’t buck back.

Joell gets four out of a possible five Fifs for embracing the battle.


Joell’s got you covered, Brooklyn. Covered very well.

Joell Ortiz – “Outta Control” Freestyle

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