Joell Ortiz – DJ Premier Tribute

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These “Tributes“, as they’re called, have been good thus far. And of course, two new Ortiz tracks are more than enough reason to warrant a post…

Joell Ortiz – Gomez Bros. Freestyle

Joell Ortiz – DJ Premier Tribute

…But what I found more interesting was something that we mentioned the other day, about Joell donating cpus back to his old neighborhood.

Real talk, I just want to give back to the community that’s been supporting me. I’m gonna give the kids computers so they could wise up and see that there’s a bigger picture than the 15-20 block radius that I grew up in. There’s a bigger life than just hanging out, smoking and drinking and having unprotected sex.

What does it feel like to give back to kids?

I’ma be honest with you, it feels better than when I get something. When I gave away computers to a community center last year, I took pictures with the kids and they were genuinely happy. They were all like, ‘I got next on the computer!’ ‘No, I want to play with it,” you know…and these are kids that don’t get a chance to smile too much because they got parents on drugs or single moms at home, stuff like that. So it just felt really good.

We all can casually assume that Joell is not rich by rapper standards and maybe not even well off by regular people standards. So to hear of him taking what he does have & giving back, be it just two computers or ten, that’s commendable.

Respect due.

Joell Ortiz Gives Back to Brooklyn Youth []

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