Sample Check: Joey Bada$$’s “FromdaTomb”

12.12.12 5 years ago 7 Comments

Joey Bada$$ and Pro-Era are a crew of kids with rap ears way beyond their years. Therefore, a casual listen to “FromdaTomb” might make one think the melody came from some dusty vinyl in the back of a mom and pop shop. The record sounds vintage enough so the expectation isn’t a reach, right?

Well, thanks to a late night trip through my backlog, turns out those crazy ass Brooklyn kids turned to LA Noire: Rockstar’s 2011 sleuthing super hit. Applaud Chuck Strangers for chopping up the song with some sharp drums, hi hats and Statik Selektah for the scratches on the hook.Also, the timing of this serendipitous “discovery” is pretty funny given our recent pow-wow on video game samples.

Look at the situation like this. This instance further proves video game soundtracks can be a viable source for creativity in music. The eureka moment also shows how samples have a peculiar way of revealing themselves when you least expect. So sit back and enjoy the final product and the source material at no extra charge. Now, if you excuse me, I’m off to see how and why Rockstar’s latest games always perform funky on PC.

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