The iPod Shuffle – John Legend’s “Who Did That To You?”

01.23.13 5 years ago 8 Comments

Django Unchained was unquestionably one of 2012’s top movies. Quentin Tarantino’s vision was clear as ever as he depicted a chilling world of slavery with equal parts ferocity and humor. In particular, his unabashed usage of the n-word brought its derogatory nature to life for all to see. It was piercingly uncomfortable to witness, but an effective means of really demonstrating the negativity of the word.

But controversy aside, the movie had a stellar soundtrack, with nothing better than John Legend’s “Who Did That To You?” Overall Tarantino did an excellent job of integrating several contrasting genres of music into the score and this brooding record harmonized Django’s last burning desire for revenge as the film geared up for the closing action sequence.

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