What’s Gridiron Beef?: Johnny McEntee Vs. Alex Tanney

02.21.11 7 years ago 6 Comments

The Internet makes stars almost as quickly as it ditches them. Awhile back, I remember seeing this clip of college students from Texas A&M who specialized in making insane basketball shots from the top of water towers, back of trucks and any other type of setting you can fathom while you’re wasted. Well, no idea is original under the sun and life is all about how you can make something that’s already great, even greater.

When I can, I try to watch 1st And 10 on ESPN2 mainly to hear Skip Bayless ramble on about whatever he feels like. A few weeks ago they showed a video of UConn quarterback Johnny McEntee completing trick shots with a football that were pretty amazing for my easy-to-entertain self. Skip wasn’t all too impressed if I remember correctly, but anything not named the San Antonio Spurs, Brett Favre or Carmelo Anthony rarely gets a rise out of that guy. I give credit where it’s due. Putting a spiral through a tire is hard enough from 20 yards out. Putting a spiral through a basketball hoop from the other side of the gymnasium in the upper deck is damn near clinically impossible.

Like I said, no idea is original and it is full fledged war because like any great beef these days, it gets played out on YouTube. Alex Tanney, of Monmouth College, upped the ante with this five minute clip of dazzling trick shots. Who knows how many times he filmed each attempt, but that’s really beyond the point. In college you’ve got nothing but time anyway. This is the type of stuff I live for during the down months when football is on hiatus.

My favorite, you ponder? From the basketball court, up the bleachers, through the hallway, on to the indoor track field and nothing but the bottom of the can. If this guy played D-1 ball, just imagine what his accuracy would be on NCAA Football ’12.

To be young, athletic, creative, in college and have the drunk nights that inspire these feats would be something else, I tell ya. Sometimes boredom is the best drug a man could ask for; only sometimes though.

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