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07.28.08 9 years ago 22 Comments

Have you heard?

The Blu X Mainframe project is finally on the way.

O, Glory.

Your new favorite MC, Blu & enormously talented producer, Mainframe’s highly anticipated collaborative effort has finally come into fruition and will be in stores September 23rd.

So save your lunch money, and smash that porcelain pig on that day.

Peep the tracklist after the jump

01 Finally
02 Up All Night
03 Half A Knot
04 Mama Always Told Me
05 Go For The Gusto Room f. Bo Bo Lamb (as Jack Johnson)
06 Wow
07 The Only Way
08 In The Building f. Miguel Jontel (as Jontel Johnson)
09 Bout It Bout It
10 Get The Name Straight
11 Long Time Gone
12 Still Up All Night f. Co$$ Dollars (as Troy Johnson)
13 Perfect Picture
14 Anything Is Possible f. Gonja Sufi (aka Magic Johnson)
15 The Oath

Disregard the bootleg copy that leaked a while ago, because it’s nothing.
This shit right here, “this shit right here, aggins….” (c) Katt Williams.

Cop it when they drop it.

September 23rd, children. Good friends tell friends.

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