Jon Connor Ft. Talib Kweli – “Rise Up”

05.15.13 4 years ago

Thank the Lord for Jon Connor and his continual effort to ensure Hip-Hop has a pulse. While very few do their part to keep the moral foundation of the genre alive, Connor always makes sure to show there can indeed be a message in viable rap tunes and his new track “Rise Up” is further proof. Sounding half-Rasta in sound and wholehearted in meaning, the spiritually-potent duet with the Black Star representative is directed to those who choose the easy way out in life, challenging them to step up their morals and stop bringing down those around them. Then again, of course he does. Raising the bar is all this guy knows.

For more uprising anthems from Fli City’s finest, support Connor’s upcoming Unconscious State release when the project drops on iTunes in the coming months.

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